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Small meteorological station

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Shandong Wanxiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. It is a source manufacturer that integrates the research and development, production, and sales of IoT series products such as meteorological sensors, meteorological environment monitoring stations, atmospheric environmental protection monitoring, hydrological monitoring, etc. It provides customized meteorological environment monitoring solutions for customers. Wanxiang meteorological products are widely used in meteorology, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, oceans, airports, ports, scientific research, etc Campus education and other fields.
The company has advanced production equipment and a complete after-sales process. After years of technological precipitation and continuous innovation, customers are scattered throughout the country. Wanxiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of "product centered, customer demand oriented, and technology centered", continuously improving product quality, technical level, and service level, and providing high-quality products and services to society and users, Innovation and service are the characteristics of the Vientiane environment, and we pay more attention to customers' feelings of product use, providing high-quality services for every customer
The company's main products currently include: fully automatic weather stations, ultrasonic weather stations, explosion-proof weather stations, portable weather stations, micro weather sensors, soil moisture monitoring stations, negative oxygen ion monitoring stations, hydrological monitoring stations, and atmospheric environmental protection monitoring equipment. The products can be configured according to customer needs, providing one-stop production and sales services. Currently, we have established good cooperative relationships with major universities and research institutes...

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