Small meteorological station
Small meteorological station

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Video vehicle weather station

Video vehicle weather station

update time :2024-06-20


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Product brand: Wanxiang Environment

The video vehicle weather station is a highly integrated, low power consumption, fast installation, easy to mobile monitoring of high-precision automatic weather observation equipment.
product details

1. Product introduction

The WX-CZ5S video vehicle weather station is a high-precision automatic weather observation equipment that is highly integrated, has low power consumption, can be quickly installed, and is convenient for mobile monitoring.Widely used in meteorology, agriculture and forestry, environmental protection, oceans, airports, ports, scientific expeditions, campus education and other fields.The device uses a five-element integrated sensor that can conduct real-time observations of meteorological elements such as wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. The sensor housing is made of imported ABS material, which is more effective against salt spray and other environments, and the protection level reaches IP65 or above.It has three built-in 120° wide-angle cameras and is equipped with the host computer software. Video images and monitoring data can be viewed in real time on the PC.Comes standard with a 485 to USB cable, which can be connected to a laptop or pad to read data directly.Customers can randomly select a pad according to their own circumstances.

2. Product features

1. The ultrasonic probe is hidden in the top cover to avoid interference from rain and snow accumulation and avoid obstruction by natural wind.

2. The principle is to emit continuous variable frequency ultrasonic signals and detect wind speed by measuring the relative phase.

3. The bottom of the equipment is equipped with high-strength magnets (rubber wrapped). Can be adsorbed to the car roof without damage

4. Shock-absorbing suitcase, easy to carry

5. Built-in electronic compass, automatically finds North

6. Beidou and GPS dual-mode positioning, the highest accuracy is 0.1 meters

3. Technical parameters

1. Wind speed: Ultrasonic principle, 0~60m/s (±0.1m/s), real wind speed can be measured

2. Wind direction: Ultrasonic principle, 0~360° (±2°)

3. Air temperature: Measurement principle: diode junction voltage method, -40-60℃ (±0.3℃)

4. Air humidity: measurement principle capacitive type, 0-100%RH (±3%RH)

5. Atmospheric pressure: measurement principle piezoresistive type, 300-1100hpa (±0.25 %)

6. Data storage: no less than 500,000 items

7. Cameras: 3, 120° wide angle, resolution 640*480

8. Power consumption: 3.12W

9. Lithium battery: capacity 12000maH, battery life ≥24h

10. Total weight: ≤5kg

11. Installation time: 1 person, no more than 2 minutes to complete the installation


 Video vehicle weather station

Video vehicle weather station


 Video vehicle weather station

6. Introduction to PC software

1. PC stand-alone version of data receiving, storage, viewing and analysis software软件

2. Support serial port data reception, processing and display

3. Support json string, modbus485 and other communication methods

4. The storage time can be set by oneself, and the collection time can be set by oneself in the modbus485 collection mode.

5. Support self-service adding, deleting, and modifying protocols, names, icons, etc. of monitoring parameters.

6. Support data post-processing function

7. Support external running of javascript scripts

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