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Racing pigeon flight ability tester

Racing pigeon flight ability tester

update time :2024-06-20


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The racing pigeon flight ability analyzer can simultaneously identify the male and female gender of pigeons, as well as genotypic factors such as homing ability DRD4, endurance LDHA, navigation ability and circadian rhythm CRY1.
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The racing pigeon flight ability analyzeris also called pigeon DNA identification equipment, pigeon DNA testing equipment, and the racing pigeon flight ability analyzer can simultaneously identify the male and female gender of pigeons and homing ability DRD4, endurance LDHA, navigation ability and circadian rhythm CRY1, etc. that affect flight Genotyping identification of abilities.

For a long time, having excellent pedigree has been considered an important factor affecting competition performance. The so-called excellent pedigree refers to a specific genotype that can be inherited.In view of the fact that certain genes of racing pigeons have an important impact on athletic ability, through reference to authoritative literature and European testing experience, combined with existing innovative technologies, we found the homing ability (DRD4) index, endurance (LDHA) index, cryptochrome (CRY1) index plays an important reference role in the flying ability and breeding ability of racing pigeons. Through the detection of the above indicators, a more scientific reference basis can be given to pigeon fanciers in the process of selecting racing pigeons and breeding pigeons.

The pigeon flight ability identification instrument launched by our company based on the above genetic research can simultaneously identify the gender of pigeons and the homing ability DRD4, endurance LDHA, navigation ability and circadian rhythm CRY1 and other genotyping identifications that affect flight ability.

Basic structure of the instrument

The real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR system is an instrument for real-time detection of reactions. It mainly consists of a gene amplification thermal cycle system, a fluorescence real-time detection system, a microcircuit control system, a computer and application software.Two of the core functional modules are: thermal circulation system and fluorescence real-time detection system.The working principle of the gene amplification thermal cycle system is basically the same as that of the traditional gene amplification instrument. It uses semiconductor heating and cooling to complete the thermal cycle process.The fluorescence detection system mainly consists of fluorescence excitation components, optical signal transmission components, fluorescence detection components, and control systems.

Instrument features:

1. Small size, light weight, easy to carry, compatible with 0.2 PCR single tube and eight-tube strip;

2. Using the American MARLOW customized Peltier module high-level semiconductor chip, a new generation of semiconductor temperature rising and cooling technology, the fastest temperature change rate can reach 7 degrees per second, and the service life can reach one million cycles;

3. Use unique lighting detection and processing technology to automatically adjust the fluorescence background, improve fluorescence signal sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio, and obtain better results;

4. 13S four-channel fast lighting, stable fluorescence collection signal, and reduced delay error;

5. Use maintenance-free long-life LED light source, no need to replace it, independent fluorescence channels, and less crosstalk between different channels;

6. Constant current control circuit, smooth power output, extend Peltier life, and improve temperature control accuracy;

7. It has over-current, over-temperature and other protection functions;

8. Powerful software analysis functions, which can perform quantitative analysis, melting curve analysis, genotyping, etc. The analysis software has free lifetime upgrades and supports software customization in different industries;

9. Comes with 10-inch color touch screen control.

Technical Parameters:

Overall dimensions: 235mm*385mm*175mm (width*depth*height)

Weight: 5.8Kg

Electrical parameters: ~220V/50Hz, 255W

Data interface: USB 2.0 *2

Operating conditions: Temperature: 10-30℃, Humidity: 20%~80%

Transportation and storage conditions: Temperature: -20~55℃, Humidity: 20%~80%

Altitude: <2500 meters

Noise level: A-weighted, <60dB

Sample capacity: 16*0.2mL

Test tube type: 0.2PCR single tube, eight row tubes

Sample volume: 15-100uL

Heating/cooling method: semiconductor heating/cooling

Temperature range: 4℃-99℃

Maximum heating rate: ≤5.5℃/s (MAX)

Average heating rate: ≥3.5℃/s

Maximum cooling rate: ≤4.5℃/s (MAX)

Average cooling rate: ≥2.5℃/s

Temperature control accuracy: ≤±0.01℃

Temperature accuracy: ≤±0.1℃

Temperature uniformity: ≤±0.3℃

Number of fluorescence detection channels: 4 channels

Light emitting device: high brightness LED

Lighting device: high sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio photodiode

Adapter probe or dye: First channel: 470/520 FAM, SYBR Green

Second channel: 530/570 HEX, JOE, VIC

Third channel: 580/610 ROX, CY3.5, Texas-Red

Fourth channel: 630/670 CY5

Detection sensitivity: 1 copy

Linear detection range: 100~1010 copies

Linear correlation coefficient: ≥0.999

Channel crosstalk: no crosstalk

Test repeatability: ≤1.0%

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