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Piezoelectric Rain Monitoring Station

Piezoelectric Rain Monitoring Station

update time :2024-05-24


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A piezoelectric rainfall monitoring station can measure precipitation and provide precipitation for relevant departments such as meteorological stations, hydrological stations, agriculture and forestry, national defense, and field stations.
product details

1. Product Overview of Piezoelectric Rainfall Monitoring Station

       Piezoelectric rainfall monitoring station, also known as piezoelectric rainfall monitoring station, piezoelectric rainfall monitoring station, piezoelectric rainfall monitoring station can measure precipitation, precipitation for meteorological observatories (stations), hydrological stations, agriculture and forestry, national defense, field reporting stations and other relevant departments. Parameters such as intensity and precipitation time provide raw data.

  The WX-YJ2 piezoelectric rainfall monitoring station is a modern rainfall station based on the Internet of Things. It is composed of a piezoelectric rainfall sensor, a collector, a solar power supply system, a pole bracket, etc. The equipment can be sent in the form of wireless remote transmission. Rainfall data can be sent wirelessly and remotely to the monitoring platform.

  Log in to the IoT platform to view real-time data and historical records. Rainfall data includes rainfall status, one-minute rainfall, five-minute rainfall, ten-minute rainfall, one-hour rainfall, daily rainfall, monthly daily rainfall histogram, hourly rainfall change curve within a day, and Bar chart. The cloud platform supports daily boundary time setting, daily rainfall alarm threshold setting, and data can be exported by EXCEL.

  Piezoelectric rainfall monitoring stations can be widely used in meteorology, flood control, agriculture, hydrology and water conservancy, environmental protection, highways, airports and ports and other fields. It can not only provide original data for relevant departments such as meteorological observatories (stations), hydrological stations, agriculture and forestry, national defense, and field reporting stations to measure parameters such as precipitation amount, precipitation intensity, and precipitation time; it can also provide original data for flood control, water supply dispatching, power stations, and reservoir water regime management. Provide valuable real-time data.

  2. Product features

  1. The piezoelectric rain sensor uses PVDF piezoelectric film as a rain-sensing device, and uses an embedded AI neural network to distinguish raindrop signals to avoid false triggering caused by interference such as gravel, dust, vibration, etc. It has an integrated design and a beautiful appearance.

  2. High measurement accuracy, wide range, good stability, low power consumption, and strong ability to resist external interference

  3. It can work around the clock and is not affected by weather changes, and can monitor rainfall duration accurately to the second.

  4. Maintenance-free, the raindrop contact surface is an arc-shaped design structure, and no rainwater is stored.

  5. With automatic horizontal calibration function after installation, no on-site calibration is required

  6. Low power collector: static power consumption is less than 0.5ma

  7.Support modbus485 sensor expansion

  8. Solar charging management MPPT automatic power point tracking

  9. SMS alarm, send SMS to the designated mobile phone after exceeding the limit

  10.ABS material protective box, corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidation, waterproof grade IP66

  3. Technical parameters:

  1.Measurement principle: Piezoelectric

  2. Measuring range: Rain intensity 0~4mm/min

  3.Measurement accuracy: ±4%

  4. Resolution: 0.01mm

  5. Power supply method: solar power supply

  6. Solar power: 30W

  7. Battery parameters: 20Ah

  8. Bracket: carbon steel 2-meter bracket

  9. Working environment: -40℃~60℃

  4. Introduction to cloud platform

  CS architecture software platform supports direct observation on mobile phones and PC browsers without installing additional software.

  Support multiple accounts and multiple devices to log in

  Supports real-time data display and historical data display dashboard

  Cloud server, cloud data storage, stable and reliable, easy to expand, load balancing

  Support SMS alarm and threshold setting

  Supports map display and viewing device information.

  Support data curve analysis

  Support data export table format

  Support data forwarding, HJ-212 protocol, TCP forwarding, http protocol, etc.

  Support data post-processing function

  Supports external running of javascript scripts


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