Small meteorological station
Small meteorological station

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Geological disaster monitoring and early warning system

Geological disaster monitoring and early warning system

update time :2024-07-11


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The geological disaster monitoring and early warning system can monitor the geological environment in real time and promptly detect and provide early warning of various geological disasters.Potential geological disaster risks provide you with reliable protection
product details

1.Product introduction ofgeological disaster monitoring and early warning system

Geological disaster monitoring and early warning system, also known as natural disaster monitoring and early warning system, landslide monitoring and early warning system, geological disaster monitoring and early warning system can monitor the geological environment in real time, timely detect and provide early warning of various potential geological disaster risks, and provide you with reliable protection. .

The GNSS monitoring system is based on the satellite positioning system with known spatial position and adopts the basic principle of space resection to achieve the absolute positioning of ground user terminal equipment.The receiver terminal deployed on site remotely and wirelessly transmits the observation data to the monitoring center (usually cloud reception and storage) according to the established collection and transmission frequency. The monitoring center analyzes and processes the observation data in real time for use by relevant technical and management departments.

From the perspective of data flow and function division, the entire monitoring system can be divided into three parts: the space part, the ground reference station part, and the monitoring terminal.

2. Product features

1. Support BEIDOU B1/B2/B3, GPS L1/L2/L5, GLONASS G1/G2, GALILEO E1/E5a/E5b, 4 systems and 11 frequency point signals, and independently develop high-precision adjustment calculation software to realize multi-system multi-function Frequency point fusion high-precision positioning

2. The product integrates inclination and acceleration modules to assist in the detection of sudden changes in displacement data and drive the adaptive adjustment of the observation working mode.

3. The product is independently developed based on chip level, which greatly reduces the overall power consumption and is more suitable for continuous operation in the field.

4. The product supports 4G/NB-IoT, wireless bridge, Ethernet and other data communication transmission modes, and supports MQTT TCP/IP, NTRIP, JT808 and other communication protocols

5. The product is equipped with a high-performance industrial-grade 32-bit ARM core processor, with powerful local computing capabilities, and a built-in embedded web server that enables remote two-way interaction.

6. Based on application scenarios and monitoring needs, support dynamic (static) high-precision solution

7. The front-end is embedded with algorithms such as sidereal filtering, Kalman filtering, and mutation detection, and the cloud integrates models such as big data cleaning, trend analysis, gray prediction, and tangent angle analysis to greatly ensure data reliability.

8. The product adopts a fully milled aluminum shell, internal and external sealing protection, and anti-fall soft rubber design, which has excellent protection, anti-fall and shock-absorbing properties.

3. Working conditions

Working voltage: 12V~36V

Instantaneous maximum current: <5A; working current: 10mA~120mA

Rated power consumption: less than 1.2W

Working temperature: -40°C~85°C; Working humidity: 95%RH

4. Technical parameters

5. Installation precautions

1. The air field of view is relatively wide, and there are no obstructions within the height angle of 15° within the field of view.

2. Stay away from high-power radio emission sources (such as TV stations, radio stations, microwave stations, etc.), the distance is not less than 200 meters, and stay away from high-voltage transmission wires and microwave radio signal transmission channels, the distance is not less than 50 meters

3. There should be no strong signal reflecting objects nearby (such as large buildings, large areas of water, etc.)

4. The transportation is relatively convenient, which is conducive to construction, testing and subsequent maintenance operations.

5. The benchmark point measurement and design should be carried out according to the design plan, and its foundation should be guaranteed to be stable.

6. Monitoring point measurement equipment should be implemented according to the design plan. If fine-tuning is necessary, it should be fully communicated with the design unit to determine

parameter name

Technical indicators

static accuracy

Horizontal accuracy: soil (2.5+0.5x10-6xD) mm

Vertical accuracy: ±(5.0+0.5x10-6xD) mm

Dynamic accuracy

Horizontal accuracy: ±(8.0+1.0x10-6xD) mm

Vertical accuracy: ±(15.0+1.0x10-6xD) mm

Receive signal type


E1/E5a/E5b 4 system 11 frequency points

Data sampling frequency

1Hz/2Hz/5Hz/10Hz/20Hz optional

Interface communication method

RS232, 4G/NB-IoT" radio communication

Operating temperature


Working humidity

95%RH no condensation

Protection level



Can withstand 2m free fall

Power supply

12~36V DC wide voltage power supply

Differential data


voltage wave


Speed measurement accuracy


All-in-one machine size


All-in-one machine weight


Software overview

Supports dynamic and static calculations, equipment status management, and result data accuracy assessment

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