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Small meteorological station

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visibility monitoring station

visibility monitoring station

update time :2024-06-20


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Visibility monitoring stations are routine items in meteorological observation, reflecting atmospheric turbidity, and are useful in aviation, navigation, land transportation, target detection and identification, and military activities。
product details

1. Product introduction of visibility monitoring station

Visibility monitoring station is also called visibility monitor, traffic visibility monitoring weather station. Visibility monitoring station is a regular item of meteorological observation. It reflects the important physical quantity of atmospheric turbidity and is useful for aviation, navigation, land transportation, target detection and identification, and military activities. important influence.

The WX-NJD10 visibility monitoring station is composed of several visibility monitoring stations distributed along the highway. It automatically monitors the visibility, wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, etc. along the highway, and transmits the monitoring information to Monitoring provides reference for the traffic control system. It can issue warning information in a timely manner under severe weather conditions and inform managers and drivers in a variety of ways to improve the driving level of highways. The highway weather station system consists of: weather sensors, collectors, pole brackets, power supply systems, and cloud platforms.

2. Product features

1. Visibility meter: It is composed of main components such as light transmitter, light receiver and microprocessor controller. The emitter emits infrared pulse light, and the receiver simultaneously detects the intensity of pulse light forward scattered by aerosol particles in the atmosphere. All measurement information is collected by the microprocessor controller and converted into the Meteorological Optical Range (Meteorological Optical Range) through a specialized mathematical model algorithm. MOR)

2. Six-element integrated sensor of temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure and piezoelectric rainfall

3. Wind speed and direction sensor: The probe head cover is hidden to avoid interference from rain and snow accumulation and avoid obstruction by natural wind. The principle is to emit continuous variable frequency ultrasonic signals and detect wind speed and direction by measuring relative phase.

4. Piezoelectric rainfall: This piezoelectric rainfall sensor uses PVDF piezoelectric film as a rain sensing device, and uses an embedded AI neural network to distinguish raindrop signals to avoid false triggering caused by interference such as gravel, dust, vibration, etc.

5. Standard GPRS wireless transmission

6. Free choice of solar power supply and mains power supply.

3. Technical parameters

1. Visibility: Measurement principle: aerosol forward scattering, 5m-10km (≤2km error ±2%, 2Km~10km error ±10%) Resolution 1m

2. Wind speed: measurement principle ultrasonic, 0~60m/s (±0.1m/s) resolution 0.01m/s

3. Wind direction: Measurement principle: ultrasonic, 0~360° (±2°); resolution: 1°

4. Air temperature: Measurement principle: diode junction voltage method, -40-60℃ (±0.3℃), resolution 0.01℃

5. Air humidity: measurement principle capacitive, 0-100%RH (±3%RH), resolution: 0.1%RH

6. Atmospheric pressure: measurement principle piezoresistive, 300-1100hpa (±0.25%), resolution 0.1hpa

7. Piezoelectric rainfall: measurement principle piezoelectric, 0-4mm/min (≤±4%), resolution 0.01mm

4. Introduction to cloud platform

1. CS architecture software platform supports direct observation on mobile phones and PC browsers without the need to install additional software.

2. Support multiple accounts and multiple devices to log in

3. Support real-time data display and historical data display dashboard

4. Cloud servers and cloud data storage are stable and reliable, easy to expand, and load balanced.

5. Support SMS alarm and threshold setting

6. Support map display and view device information.

7. Support data curve analysis

8. Support data export table format

9. Support data forwarding, HJ-212 protocol, TCP forwarding, http protocol, etc.

10.Support data post-processing function

11.Support external running of javascript scripts

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