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Small meteorological station

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air quality monitoring station

air quality monitoring station

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Air quality monitoring stations are mainly used for urban air quality monitoring, air quality grid monitoring, urban road and construction site air monitoring, particulate matter and pollution source emission monitoring, and environmental quality assessment.
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1.Introduction toair quality monitoring stations

Air quality monitoring station, also known as air quality detector, atmospheric environment air quality monitoring station, air quality monitoring station is mainly used for urban air quality monitoring, air quality grid monitoring, urban roads, airports, ports, railways, tunnels, construction sites Atmospheric monitoring, particulate matter and pollution source emission monitoring, and environmental quality assessment.

The WX-WZ01 micro ambient air quality monitoring system consists of various environmental sensors, data collection main control, wireless communication equipment, power supply equipment, and software platform.It can be used to measure various types of ambient air data such as PM2.5, PM10, CO, SO2, NO2, O3, TVOC, etc.The system adopts a modular design, which can flexibly add or reduce corresponding modules and sensors to various environmental elements according to different regional environmental conditions, and can be combined in any way to meet various user needs conveniently and quickly.Data is uploaded to the cloud management platform via wireless/GPRS, and big data intelligent dynamic analysis is used to provide timely alarms and precise source locking to strengthen the supervision system.
2. Main technical parameters
1. Monitoring factors: PM2.5, PM10, SO2, NO2, CO, O3, temperature, humidity
2. Expandable monitoring factors: non-methane total hydrocarbons, benzene series, H2S, NH3, etc.
3. Monitoring Cycle: 60s
4. Working environment: -20℃~70℃, 5%-95%RH
5. Power supply: 12V/220V 6.
Communication method: GPRS, WiFi, 4G
3. Technical features
1. Modular design, any configuration Combination, easy to set different monitoring factors as needed, suitable for large-scale grid distribution;
2. Pumping sealed air chamber, standard gas can be used for on-site calibration;
3. Equipped with zero gas calibration module;
4. Use four-electrode high-precision imported Sensor and imported PID sensor;
5. No need to replace the sampling cutter, PM10 and PM2.5 mass concentrations can be measured simultaneously;
6. The circuit uses an industrial-grade embedded processor, which can be suitable for harsh outdoor environments and the working environment temperature range (-40 —70)℃;
7. Particulate matter sampling adopts dynamic heating control to remove the influence of water mist on the measurement data;
8. The sampling flow of particulate matter and gaseous pollutants uses an electronic flow meter to measure the flow rate and dynamic PID flow control.Long-life sampling power system, quiet and efficient;
9. Industrial-grade data transmission modules are selected, and the data transmission is stable and reliable;
10. The system adopts dual-channel communication mode to achieve communication under extreme circumstances and ensure data continuity;
11. Modular design, using high-reliability CAN between modules Bus communication adopts automotive electronic communication protocol to ensure system stability;
12. It can not only realize remote data transmission, but also remotely read system status information, and can realize remote control, remotely modify instrument parameters and diagnose faults; 13.
Terminal The equipment can remotely upgrade terminal applications through the FTP server to achieve remote maintenance, ensuring that users can use the latest applications and update system functions in a timely manner; 14. Optional
meteorological five-parameter tester;
15. Optional various parameters IP camera ensures nighttime and line-of-sight shooting requirements, can automatically capture photos, and can also be viewed by users in real time;
16. On-site real-time data display: the terminal instrument displays data once every 5 seconds;
17. The optional data service platform can display minute and hourly average values , daily average value.Report analysis function can generate daily
reports, monthly reports, annual reports, trend analysis and other functions.Supports multi-point display on the same screen, supports mobile terminal
data query, and can also push data to the display terminal;
20. There are various installation methods, which can be selected according to the on-site conditions: bracket installation, hanging rod installation and other methods, any one All installation methods are strong and reliable, and can withstand instant wind force of level 12.

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