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Forest fire prevention weather station

Forest fire prevention weather station

update time :2024-07-11


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Forest fire prevention meteorological station is the equipment for monitoring forest meteorological elements, which is suitable for all kinds of harsh environment, can provide forest environmental meteorological elements, and carry out forest fire warning and monitoring.
product details

1. Introduction to forest weather station products 

     Forest fire prevention weather station is also called forest fire monitoring and early warning system, forest meteorology fire monitoring station. Forest fire prevention weather station is a device that monitors forest meteorological elements. It is suitable for various harsh environments and provides us with forest environment meteorological elements. , so as to carry out early warning and monitoring of forest fire danger.

 Forest fire is the enemy of the forest ecosystem. It can burn a large area of forest and a large amount of forest by-products in a short period of time, destroy the forest structure and forest environment, destroy the ecological balance of nature, cause climate imbalance, soil erosion, river Siltation, flooding or drying up of water sources. By monitoring meteorological factors such as wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity, and solar radiation in areas prone to forest fires, we can prevent the occurrence of forest fires. When a fire occurs, we can also guide staff to carry out rapid and reasonable fire-fighting work to save property. Losses dropped to lows.  

 The equipment consists of five parts: meteorological sensor, collector, solar power supply system, pole bracket, and cloud platform. It requires no debugging and can be quickly deployed. It is widely used in meteorology, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, oceans, airports, ports, scientific expeditions, campus education and other fields.  

 2. Product features  

 1. Low-power collector: static power consumption is less than 50uA  

 2. Standard GPRS networking, support for extended Bluetooth and wired transmission  

 3. 7-inch Android touch screen, version: 4.4.2, quad-core Cortex™-A7, 512M/4G  

 4. Support modbus485 sensor expansion  

 5. Solar charging management MPPT automatic power point tracking  

 6. Three-meter carbon steel bracket, two-section flange butt joint  

       7. Equipped with sound and light alarm  

 8. When a person approaches the device, the alarm can be sounded with sound and light, and cloud notification via SMS/phone can be provided.  

 9. ABS material protective box, corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidation, waterproof grade IP66  

 3. Technical parameters  


Measuring range   



ambient temperature   




Relative humidity   



±3% RH   

wind direction   

0~360° (16 directions)   



wind speed   




amount of rain   




light intensity  




Atmospheric pressure   




soil temperature   




soil moisture   




carbon dioxide  



±40PPM±3% of reading  

The configuration can be expanded according to user needs: sunshine hours, evaporation sensor, dew point temperature sensor, ultraviolet radiation sensor, photosynthetic radiation sensor and other meteorological element sensors.An LED display screen (AC power supply) can be installed, the size is adjustable, and the weather data and other set information collected in real time are displayed.   

power supply system   

Mains/solar/multi-power supply system optional  

communication system   

RS485, USB, wireless GPRS, Ethernet and other communication methods   

Special bracket   

Install protective boxes, sensors, power supplies, communication equipment, etc.   

 4. Product size chart

Forest fire prevention weather station   

5. Product Structure Chart  

Forest fire prevention weather station  

6. Introduction to PC software  

 1. PC stand-alone version of data receiving, storage, viewing and analysis software  

 2. Support serial port data reception, processing and display  

 3. Support json string, modbus485 and other communication methods  

 4. The storage time can be set by oneself, and the collection time can be set by oneself in the modbus485 collection mode.  

 5. Support self-service adding, deleting, and modifying protocols, names, icons, etc. of monitoring parameters.  

 6. Support data post-processing function  

 7. Support external running of javascript scripts  

 7. Introduction to Android APP  

 1. Android stand-alone version of data receiving, storage, viewing and analysis software  

 2. Support Bluetooth data reception  

 3. After the mobile phone is asleep, the software receives and processes it in the background  

 4. JSON data automatically adds devices, and modbus devices support scanning QR codes to add devices.  

 5. Supports historical data viewing, analysis, and table export, and supports curve display and single data point viewing.  

 6. Support data post-processing function  

 7. Support external running of javascript scripts  

 8. Introduction to cloud platform  

 1. CS architecture software platform supports direct observation on mobile phones and PC browsers without the need to install additional software.  

 2. Support multiple accounts and multiple devices to log in  

 3. Support real-time data display and historical data display dashboard  

 4. Cloud servers and cloud data storage are stable and reliable, easy to expand, and load balanced.  

 5. Support SMS alarm and threshold setting  

 6. Support map display and view device information.  

 7. Support data curve analysis  

 8. Support data export table format  

 9. Support data forwarding, HJ-212 protocol, TCP forwarding, http protocol, etc.  

 10. Support data post-processing function  

 11. Support external running of javascript scripts  

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