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Thermoelectric total radiation sensor

Thermoelectric total radiation sensor

update time :2024-04-19


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The thermoelectric total radiation sensor is a high-precision radiometer for measuring the total radiation of the sun, which can measure the broad wave total radiation and output it through a simple SDI-12 signal.
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Thermoelectric total radiation sensor,also known as tilt radiation sensor, horizontal radiation sensor, thermoelectric total radiation sensor is a high-precision pyranometer that measures total solar radiation. It can measure wide-wave total radiation and output it with a simple SDI-12 signal. This pyranometer Designed to significantly improve measurements of total global solar radiation.

Technical indicators

·Power supply: DC12V

·Power consumption: 0.06W

·Working environment: -20~70℃

·Communication interface: RS485

·Operating current: 5mA@DC12V

·Minimum data interval: 0.5S

Sensor parameters






total radiation





sunshine hours



< 0.2


Response time: ≤10S

Annual stability: ≤±3%

Zero point drift: ≤6 W/m²


1. A protective cover must be installed during the transportation and storage of the sensor to prevent the sensor from being damaged by collision.

2. The installation and use of sensors should strictly comply with relevant technical indicators and installation instructions.

3. The sensor needs to be installed in an open, unobstructed, and non-reflective and refracted light environment.

4. The sensor should be installed away from other heat sources other than the sun and high-heat metals and other media.

5. The sensor installation should be adjusted to the horizontal position according to the horizontal ball of the sensor.

6. After installing the sensor, you need to install the light hood

7. After the sensor is installed, use a dust-free cloth to regularly clean and wipe the dust and debris on the glass cover.

Thermoelectric total radiation sensor


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