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Agricultural four-emotion monitoring system

Agricultural four-emotion monitoring system

update time :2024-06-20


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Agricultural four-condition monitoring system is a kind of crop pest monitoring equipment, which can systematically monitor and manage soil temperature, moisture, disease and insect status, crop growth and so on.
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The agricultural four-emotion monitoring system , also known as the agricultural conditions fixed-point monitoring system, is a crop disease and pest monitoring equipment. The agricultural four-emotion monitoring system can systematically monitor and manage the soil temperature, soil moisture, disease and insect status, climate conditions, and crop growth in agricultural fields.

1. System background

With the development of smart agriculture, technologies such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence have gradually been applied to all aspects of agricultural production, greatly improving the allocation and utilization efficiency of various production factor resources such as labor and capital.

With the help of the Internet of Things, smart agriculture has built an agricultural production system that integrates environmental monitoring and precise adjustment. It can monitor and supervise different agricultural production environments and objects, detect physical parameters of the environment through sensing equipment, and monitor soil, insect status, Real-time and dynamic monitoring of production environment conditions such as meteorology and seedlings to ensure compliance with agricultural production environment standards. The application of these new technologies will greatly improve the quality of agricultural products and make them meet market demand. They can achieve effective connection between supply and demand and promote agricultural production. Refinement, efficiency and modern development.

2. System composition

The system consists of a tubular soil moisture monitor, insect warning lights, weather stations, video surveillance, fences, and cloud platforms.

The system can monitor the soil temperature, soil moisture, disease and insect status (types and numbers of pests, etc.), climate conditions (environmental parameters such as air temperature, humidity, rainfall, illumination, carbon dioxide, wind speed and direction), and crop growth in agricultural fields. Carry out system monitoring and management, and upload data to the reporting platform through GPRS/4G or network port. Managers can remotely view various environmental parameter data and trends in real time, saving manpower, and make corresponding adjustments based on data feedback to ensure good growth of crops. situation to boost agricultural production.

3. Platform introduction

1. The agricultural four-situation forecasting and reporting platform is an online monitoring platform that integrates monitoring of insect status, meteorology, moisture status, and seedling status. Pest monitoring has the functions of automatic identification of Al pests, remote real-time viewing of insect status, online analysis of pest status, automatic identification of pest species, regional pest status statistics, pest status change trend analysis, equipment monitoring and other functions. Meteorological monitoring has the function of remotely viewing the weather in real time and analyzing historical weather data online. Moisture monitoring has the function of remotely acquiring soil moisture (such as soil temperature and humidity, moisture, PH) data and online analyzing soil moisture historical data. Seedling condition monitoring allows you to view crop growth pictures in real time.

2. The monitoring homepage displays menu information such as device list, large-screen visualization, map display, etc. Displays soil moisture, insect status, weather monitoring icons and equipment operating status.

3. Pest situation monitoring includes five parts: real-time insect situation, insect situation analysis, pest types, real-time status, and operation records.

4. Insect situation analysis: Pictures within the selected time range can be queried.

5. Pest statistics include regional statistics and trend analysis.

Regional analysis: Select a region, select a time and click Query to query the number of pests in the pest situation equipment in the selected time period. Trend analysis: Select an area, select a time and click Query to query the curve changes in the number of each pest species in the area.

6. Meteorological monitoring includes real-time data and historical data.

7. Moisture monitoring includes two parts: real-time data and historical data.

8. System management includes four parts: equipment management, user management, area management, and system logs.

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