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Osmotic pressure monitoring station

Osmotic pressure monitoring station

update time :2024-04-19


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Osmotic pressure monitoring station is a hydrological instrument used to measure water level and water temperature.It mainly measures parameters such as osmotic pressure and seepage in the soil, and is suitable for long-term monitoring of water level changes in reservoirs, rivers, lakes, etc.
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Seepage pressure monitoring station is also called seepage pressure and seepage monitoring station, integrated seepage pressure intelligent monitoring station. Seepage pressure monitoring station is a hydrological instrument used for water level and water temperature measurement. It mainly measures parameters such as seepage pressure and seepage in the soil. To grasp the changes in the groundwater system, it is suitable for long-term monitoring of changes in water levels in reservoirs, rivers, lakes, etc.

1. Introduction to osmotic pressure monitoring station

The WX-SY1 piezoresistive osmometer (piezoresistive pore water pressure gauge) is a hydrological instrument used for water level and water temperature measurement. It is developed through years of accumulation of production technology and using advanced mixed signal processing technology. Overcoming the shortcomings of traditional analog circuit modules, it can realize full-scale digital linear correction and full-temperature zone digital temperature error compensation; the compensation parameters are stored in non-volatile memory, and multiple security protection mechanisms avoid product failure due to loss of calibration parameters. Use: The circuit module has power monitoring and watchdog monitoring functions, and the input structure is fully stainless steel sealed, which greatly improves the reliability of the product.

Features of WX-SY1 piezoresistive osmometer (piezoresistive pore water pressure gauge):

l High stability type: high quality and high stability pressure sensing element

l High accuracy: water level accuracy 0.1%FS, resolution 1mm; temperature accuracy ±0.5°C, resolution 0.01°C.

l Low power consumption: intelligent power management design, collection power consumption 3-4MA

l Full-featured: water level, water temperature, water pressure and other factors can be monitored in real time at the same time

l Barometric pressure compensation: using atmospheric pressure direct measurement compensation method (absolute pressure optional)

l Signal standard: RS485 interface MODBUS-RTU standard communication protocol

l Protection level: all stainless steel sealed structure, IP68 protection

l Temperature compensation: full-scale digital calibration, full-temperature zone temperature error compensation

l Electrical characteristics of the sensor: It has over-voltage protection, surge voltage protection and power supply polarity reverse protection to avoid electrical damage caused by operating errors.

1.2 Application fields of osmotic pressure monitoring station

The main application fields of WX-SY1 piezoresistive osmometer (piezoresistive pore water pressure gauge) are:

l Monitoring of groundwater level and temperature data

l Dam safety seepage pressure and liquid level monitoring

l Real-time monitoring of water levels in reservoirs and dams

l Lake and surface runoff water level monitoring

l Unattended hydrological monitoring site

l Real-time monitoring of liquid level in the tank

l On-site liquid level monitoring of industrial control systems

1.3 Product specifications

Basic specifications

Piezoresistive osmometer (piezoresistive pore water pressure meter)  


φ26mm length 134mm  

Osmotic pressure monitoring station 

Basic performance parameters of osmotic pressure monitoring station

Table 1-3 Description of basic performance parameters

Parameter item  


Main performance indicators  

Sensitive components  

Piezoresistive silicon  

Measuring range  

0~10m H₂O…0~200m H₂O  

Water level accuracy  


water level resolution  






Temperature accuracy  


Temperature resolution  


Electrical characteristics  

Temperature compensation range  


Operating temperature  


Supply voltage  

DC5~30V (typical 24V)  

Power protection  

Anti-reverse connection, over-voltage protection  

output method  

RS485 digital signal/MODBUS-RTU protocol 128 transmitter nodes  

Structural properties  

Shell material  

316L stainless steel  

Measuring medium  

fluid medium  

Cable material  

Polyurethane or PVC  

Cable specifications  

Φ7.6mm gas shielded double steel wire cable,  

Environmental characteristics  

Protection level  



Approximately 250 grams (excluding cables)  

Environmental vibration:   

Withstand the vibration test specified in GB/T9359  

free fall  

Withstand the drop test specified in GB/T9359  

electromagnetic environment  

Comply with GB/T17626.8 level 3  

mean time between failures  

Not less than 30000h

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