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Laser night vision device

Laser night vision device

update time :2024-04-19


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Laser night vision device, also known as multi-functional handheld laser night vision device, night vision device, laser night vision device, is a product specially designed for the complex lighting environment of highways.
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Laser night vision product introduction:

Laser night vision device, also known as multi-functional handheld laser night vision device, night vision device, laser night vision device combines infrared laser with special camera system and video storage. It is used for 24-hour forensic recording at close range day and night. It is specially designed for high-speed Products designed for the complex lighting environment of highways.

The multifunctional handheld laser night vision device combines infrared laser with a dedicated camera system and video storage for 24/7 evidence collection at close range day and night. This product is the fifth generation laser night vision product with more outstanding practicability, clear images during the day and good image effects at night. This series of products is highly integrated, small in size and light in weight. It is specially developed to meet the needs of users for portability and operation, and to adapt to the all-weather automatic evidence collection needs in various fields of application. It is a color image (or black and white image) during the day and a black and white image at night: the longest monitoring distance during the day is up to two kilometers. It is an excellent high-tech night vision monitoring product with extremely high cost performance after practical application testing among similar products.

The core components of this equipment are all made of high-quality original imported components, which have long life, good stability, good effect and excellent quality.

At present, the commonly used night vision devices have a relatively short detection and monitoring distance, and the imaging is not clear in a completely dark environment. The laser technology used in this equipment not only solves the problem of being unable to image in total darkness, but also can achieve a distance of several hundred meters or even a thousand meters. It is a new product that can clearly observe surveillance and provide professional day and night surveillance and video recording for on-site video evidence collection at any time.


Small size, light weight and easy to carry.

The power supply method is flexible and applicable to a wide range of environments.

The integrated video storage and playback is an effective tool for inspection personnel to collect evidence in an ultra-long-distance concealment.

1. Lens: 5-160mm; 32x optical zoom, 8x electronic zoom, auto-focus synchronous zoom

2. Imaging resolution: 1920*1080

3. Image enhancement: supports fog penetration and electronic image stabilization

4. Appearance size: 220mm×205mm×115mm

5. Laser operating wavelength: 940nm Wavelength temperature coefficient: 0.2-0.3nm/℃

6. Day and night conversion mode: ICR infrared filter type

7. Power supply: built-in lithium battery, or DC12V direct power supply

8. Device memory: 64G memory TF card, maximum support 512G

9. Video and photo taking: supports HD recording and full HD photo taking

10. Playback: Support

11. Turn off the screen: supported

12. LCD display: 5.5-inch high-definition LCD, built-in video recording can be stored locally, using high resolution 1920*1080.

13.GPS Beidou composite positioning: supported

14. Electronic compass: support

15. Standby time: more than 8 hours

16. Recording time: no less than 24 hours of super continuous recording

17. Laser ranging: supported, ranging range 3-800M

18. Attitude detection: support

19.Character overlay: supported

20.Battery power display: supported.

21.Auto gain: automatic/manual

22. Backlight compensation: off/on

23. Focus mode: automatic focus/semi-automatic focus/manual focus

24. Action distance: not less than 2 kilometers during the day; not less than 500 meters in total darkness at night;

25. Lens configuration: Large zoom full-band lens absorbs visible light and infrared band light

26. Weight: 2.3KG

27. Shield: high-strength ABS engineering plastic

28. Window glass: Optical waterproof anti-reflection coating

29. Special tripod with universal manual function

30. Working temperature: -40℃-+50℃

31. Storage temperature: -50℃-+60℃

Advantages compared with conventional night vision products:

1. Fog penetration function: Conventional night vision equipment has poor fog penetration effect, which greatly affects the observation effect in foggy days. However, this equipment uses an anti-fog window, and the system has the function of penetrating fog under moderate climate conditions.

2. Through-window function: This device uses a laser band with strong penetrating power. It can pass through the car window, making it easy to observe the situation inside and outside the car and the situation inside the window.

3. High-definition synchronized zoom function: Conventional night vision devices require manual adjustment of the zoom and then focus and aperture size, which wastes valuable time during combat and greatly affects the efficiency of case handling; when the laser of this device is turned on at night, the laser irradiation The angle automatically adapts to the imaging perspective of the camera system, enabling the laser spot to automatically follow changes when the lens field of view changes, and automatically adjust the laser irradiation angle and intensity.

4. Strong light suppression protection function: Conventional night vision devices will dazzle when encountering headlights, affecting observation and evidence collection, and may even damage the CCD, causing aging and damage to the equipment. However, this device has a strong light suppression protection function; it can not only weaken the light intensity but also When encountering strong light, the CCD sensing interface will be instantly cut off, effectively protecting the CCD from damage by strong light.

5. Long night vision distance: Conventional night vision devices are large in size, have short night vision range and poor night vision effect, or can only be used in the presence of external light. They cannot meet the requirements of all-weather long-distance investigation and evidence collection; while this device uses lasers that are invisible to the naked eye. Fill-in light, small size, night vision distance up to more than 500 meters, daytime distance up to more than 2000 meters, meeting the requirements of ultra-portable all-weather long-distance investigation and evidence collection.

6. The laser position has a power-off memory function: Conventional night vision devices produce a laser flashlight effect after a power outage and restart, and the zoom, focus, and aperture need to be readjusted, which affects the night vision effect; however, this device effectively avoids the laser flashlight effect when restarting after a power outage. The laser flashlight effect produced when the variable-angle collimation system returns to the detection position during self-test; it is beneficial to improve the night vision effect and the accuracy of night video capture.

7. Laser light attenuation is small: the light attenuation of conventional night vision devices is 30%-50% during the aging period, and the aging test is 5000 hours. After a period of use, the laser is seriously attenuated, and the irradiation distance cannot even be seen half of the initial test. ; This equipment uses the American original Sheaumann chip, its light attenuation is less than 5%, and the aging test is 50,000 hours.

8. Internal constant temperature control: Conventional night vision devices are not equipped with a constant temperature controller, which will seriously affect its performance when used at low or high temperatures; while this device has a built-in constant temperature heating and refrigeration device, which starts the heating equipment at low temperatures and starts at high temperatures. The refrigeration device ensures that the equipment can operate normally and stably for a long time under harsh conditions.

9. Double glued special window: The conventional night vision device window does not have the function of dustproof and anti-frost fog, which affects its use when the external environment is diverse. However, this device uses a double glued special window, which is anti-frost and fog internally and externally. Dust-proof and water-proof wiper-free windows are suitable for outdoor applications and avoid the increase in engineering maintenance and maintenance costs caused by wiper dust and wiper blade aging.

10. Automatic light adjustment function: Conventional night vision devices will cause exposure when encountering strong external light; however, this device can automatically adjust the laser brightness according to the intensity of external light, so that the target being observed at night is clearly visible within the effective visual distance. , effectively avoiding over- or under-exposure.

11. Super laser grating homogenization function: When the conventional night vision device turns on the laser grating at night, it will be uneven, causing noise spots or polarization; while the laser lighting system of this equipment has multiple homogenization and collimation processes, the light exposure is uniform, and the spot is imaged with the CCD The system maintains precise consistency and coaxiality, without polarization or multi-point refraction and reflection, making the imaging picture clearer and neater.

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