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Small meteorological station

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soil moisture monitor

soil moisture monitor

update time :2024-05-24


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Product brand: Wanxiang Environment

The soil moisture monitor can dynamically observe the soil moisture content and temperature state, and is suitable for the detection of soil moisture and drought information, and can also be used for real-time meteorological detection.
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Introduction to Soil Moisture Monitor

Soil moisture monitor, also known as soil moisture observer, soil moisture monitor, soil moisture monitor can make dynamic observations of soil moisture content and temperature status at different levels. It is suitable for detecting soil moisture and drought information, or for real-time meteorological detection. , water and rain conditions, moisture conditions, agricultural conditions, water conservancy project water storage and diversion, etc.

This system is independently developed by Wanxiang Environmental Technology, with its own solar power supply system and GPRS upload module. No need to plug in and can be quickly deployed as needed. It supports real-time viewing of data on mobile phones and computers to achieve 24-hour remote monitoring of the environment.  

Working current: Lora slave mode: instantaneous ≤50mA, average ≤20mA, GPRS+Lora master mode: instantaneous ≤120mA, average ≤30mA.  

The power consumption is extremely low and can be placed in any sunny area (optional, default 2W solar panel, 2600ma lithium battery, data once every 10 minutes).  

Sleep current: <1mA.  

External sensor protocol: modbus485  

Maximum number of external sensors: 32  

External sensor voltage: 12V  

Built-in sensors: air temperature, air humidity, atmospheric pressure, noise, pm2.5, pm10, TSP (optional)  

Built-in sensor accuracy:  

Air temperature: ±0.01℃, air humidity: ±2%RH, atmospheric pressure: 0.2Pa,  

Particle sensor: minimum resolution particle size 0.3μm,  

TSP parameters: Measuring range: 0.01-10000ug/m3 Detection sensitivity: 0.01ug/m3; Measurement accuracy: ±10%  

Noise parameters: Range: 30~130dB Frequency range: 31.5Hz~8kHz Accuracy: ±1.5dB  

Data upload interval: 30s-65535s  

Soil moisture unit: % (m3/m3); Test sensitivity: ±0.01 % (m3/m3)
 Range: 0-100% (m3/m3) Measurement accuracy: 0-50% (within the range of m3/m3) ±2 %(m3/m3)
      50-100%(m3/m3)±3%(m3/m3); Resolution: 0.1%
 Soil temperature range: -40-120℃ Measurement accuracy: ±0.2℃ Resolution: ±0.1℃
 soil salinity range: 0-20ms Measurement accuracy: ±2% Resolution: ±0.1ms  

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