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all-sky imager

all-sky imager

update time :2024-05-24


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Product brand: Wanxiang Environment

The all-sky imager is a new generation of fully automatic, full-color sky imaging equipment independently developed by Wanxiang Environment. It can provide real-time image information and meteorological data cloud coverage, light transmittance and additional weather data to user terminals in various forms.
product details

I. Overview

With the development of natural science, cloud observation continues to be valued. In the early days, cloud observation required professionals to observe with the naked eye and manually record the observation results. The accuracy of the observation results varied greatly depending on the experience and technical level of the observer. In order to reduce labor costs, improve observation accuracy, and achieve unattended, all-weather automatic observation of the sky, all-sky imagers are gradually replacing manual observations. All-sky imagers, combined with the use of machine deep learning algorithms, have greatly improved cloud visibility. The degree of automated observation has enhanced people's ability to research and utilize solar energy resources.

2. Function description of FT-TK2

The FT-TK2 all-sky imager is a new generation of fully automatic, full-color sky imaging equipment independently developed by our company. The equipment has a large viewing angle of 220 °. Through IOT intelligent network technology, it can obtain real-time image information and meteorological data. It is transmitted to the back-end computing center, and after the data is processed by quality control and AI image recognition models, real-time image data, cloud coverage, light transmittance and additional weather data are provided to user terminals in various forms.

3. FT-TK2 hardware specifications

Image sensor: 1/2.7" Progressive Scan CMOS 5 million pixels (default 2 million output, 2 million, 3 million, 5 million three levels can be adjusted remotely through the cloud)

Minimum illumination: Color: 0.01Lux F1.2

Image signal-to-noise ratio: ≥ 50dB (AGC OFF)

Wide dynamic range: ≥ 80dB

Maximum image resolution: 2592 × 1944

Supported image resolution: 2592 × 1944/2560 × 1920/2048 × 1536/1080P(1920 × 1080)

Lens viewing angle: about 220 ° full fisheye

Focal length : 2.8mm

Clear aperture ( Aperture ): F1.8

Input voltage range: 11~13.5VDC , standard input voltage: 12VDC (supports both adapter and solar power supply methods)

The maximum power consumption of the whole machine does not exceed 10W , and the average power consumption is 6.5W

Network communication method: 4G

Temperature and humidity sensor:

Temperature: Sensor accuracy ± 0.3 ℃, accuracy applicable range 0 ℃ ~65 ℃, use range -20 ℃ ~55 ℃

Humidity: Sensor accuracy ± 3%RH , accuracy applicable range 10%RH~90%RH , use range 0%RH~100%RH

Atmospheric pressure sensor: Sensor accuracy ± 1hpa , range 300hpa~1100hpa

Working temperature -20 ℃ ~55 ℃


Power button: power on / off

Setting key: When the device is running, press it and wait for a while. The device will enter Bluetooth mode, which is used for user binding and network reset.

Indicator light:

Power on: the yellow light stays on for no more than 5 seconds

Bluetooth mode: red light and green light, flashing intermittently every second

Operating status: 4G network mode, green light flashes every 10 seconds

Network not available: red light flashes for 30 seconds

The sampling frequency of weather data and images is adjustable and can be uploaded as quickly as 1 minute.

Product material: PC

External dimensions (length, width and height): 305x175x330mm

Waterproof grade: IP55

Product weight: 2kg

Installation method: vertical pole

Single set configuration list

serial number

Product name


The main function


sky imager


①Fisheye sky camera (vertical to the sky)


③Relative humidity

④Air pressure


Communication Systems

① Direct wired network communication


Supporting software

APP and web services

①View live action

②View download history data

③View image charts

④Basic data interface services

⑤View real-time sky images, view and download historical sky image data


Sky image algorithm system

Image processing algorithm analysis service for 2 years


Mains power


Support mains power


Mounting brackets


2m installation pole

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