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Explosion proof automatic weather station

Explosion proof automatic weather station

update time :2024-05-24


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The WX-FBQ1 explosion-proof meteorological station is an integrated meteorological station developed and produced by Vientiane Environment for special locations such as chemical plants and oil depots. Integrate data collection, storage, communication and uploading, and perform data processing and analysis.
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1、 Introduction to Explosion proof Meteorological Station Products

Explosion proof meteorological station, also known as explosion-proof meteorological station, is an integrated explosion-proof meteorological instrument. Explosion proof meteorological station is a meteorological monitoring equipment specially designed for hazardous environments, with characteristics such as explosion-proof, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance. It can reliably collect and monitor meteorological data in places with high levels of flammable, explosive, corrosive gases, or dust.

Explosion proof meteorological station

The WX-FBQ1 explosion-proof meteorological station is an integrated meteorological station developed and produced by Vientiane Environment according to market demand for special locations such as chemical plants and oil depots. It integrates data collection, storage, and communication uploading, and interfaces with the backend upper computer management software or the central control room PLC and DCS through wired communication for data processing and analysis.

This explosion-proof weather station adopts the design concept of high protection levels such as anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, which can meet the usage needs of chemical plants, oil depots, tunnels, mines, and other scenarios.

2、 Product features

1. Top cover concealed ultrasonic probe to avoid interference from rain and snow accumulation, and to avoid natural wind obstruction (utility model patent, patent number ZL 2020 2 3215713. X) ☆

2. The principle is to emit continuous frequency conversion ultrasonic signals and detect wind speed and direction by measuring relative phase (invention patent, patent number ZL 2021 1 0237536.5) ☆

3. Integrated sensor with five elements: wind speed, direction, air temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure (utility model patent, patent number ZL 2020 2 3215649.5) ☆

4. 485 to DCS transmission

3、 Technical parameters

1) Wind speed: 0-60m/s (± 0.1m/s); (Invention patent, patent number ZL 2021 1 0237536.5)

2) Wind direction: 0-360 ° (± 2 °); (Invention patent, patent number ZL 2021 1 0237536.5)

3) Air temperature: -40 ℃ to 85 ℃ (± 0.3 ℃); (Beijing Meteorological Bureau Calibration Certificate)

4) Air humidity: 0-100% RH (± 2% RH); (Beijing Meteorological Bureau Calibration Certificate)

5) Atmospheric pressure: 300-1100hpa (± 0.25%); (Beijing Meteorological Bureau Calibration Certificate)

6) Single machine version data storage: no less than 500000 pieces;

7) Power consumption: 1.75W

8) The production enterprise has an Ex ia IIC T4 Ga high-grade explosion-proof certificate

9) The device passes GB3836 1-2010 Explosive Atmospheres Part 1: General Equipment Requirements

10) The device passes GB3836 4-2010 Explosive atmospheres Part 4: Equipment protected by intrinsic safety type "i"

4、 Functional characteristics

1. Integrated structural design, easy installation and disassembly;

2. The sensor housing is made of ASA material, which is corrosion-resistant and antioxidant;

3. Support customization and flexibly configure monitoring elements according to user needs;

4. PC/LED explosion-proof screen with multiple monitoring modes and wired transmission

5. Five proof design: waterproof, explosion-proof, dustproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion;

6. Standard Modbus protocol, supporting multiple backend protocol docking, providing convenience for customers;

8. Low power design, AC220V power supply;

5、 Introduction to upper computer software

1. PC standalone data receiving, storage, viewing, and analysis software

2. Supports serial data reception, processing, and display

3. Supports communication methods such as JSON strings and modbus485

4. The storage time can be set by oneself, and the collection time can be set by oneself in modbus485 collection mode

5. Support self-service addition, deletion, and modification of monitoring parameters for protocols, names, icons, etc

6. Support data post-processing function

7. Support for external running of JavaScript scripts

6、 Equipment installation

1. Confirm the on-site working conditions and have our company set up an installation plan

2. Easy to install, no need for professional operation, remote guidance for installation

3. The user does not need to provide their own components, which are finely configured by our company. The equipment can be installed and used immediately upon arrival

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