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Small meteorological station

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Agricultural automatic weather station

Agricultural automatic weather station

update time :2024-05-24


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Agricultural weather station is a comprehensive Internet of Things agricultural meteorological parameter observation system, which can help farmers provide timely warnings of drought, flood and other natural disasters and reduce losses.
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1.Product Introduction ofAgricultural Automatic Weather Stations

Agricultural automatic weather stations, also known as agricultural weather stations, farm weather stations, agricultural weather stations are a comprehensive IoT agricultural meteorological parameter observation system that can help farmers provide timely warnings of natural disasters, such as droughts, floods, etc., and reduce losses.

The WX-NQ8 agricultural meteorological station is a comprehensive IoT agricultural meteorological parameter observation system that can conduct timely, accurate and targeted monitoring of regional temperature and humidity, light, carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, soil temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction and other factors. Online monitoring of sex.

The equipment mainly consists of meteorological sensors, data acquisition instruments, solar power supply systems, carbon steel towers, cloud platforms, multi-channel communication interfaces and equipment installation kits.

Agricultural meteorological stations have the characteristics of stable performance, high detection accuracy, unattended, strong anti-interference ability, and rich software functions. They can effectively and concretely reflect agricultural meteorological information in different regions, making agricultural meteorological monitoring more specific and regional. , real-time dynamics.

Agricultural automatic weather station

2. Product features

1. Low power consumption data acquisition instrument: static power consumption is less than 50uA

2. Standard GPRS networking, support for extended Bluetooth and wired transmission

3. Support optional 7-inch LCD touch screen or LED screen version: 4.4.2, quad-core Cortex-A7, 512M/4G

4. Support modbus485 sensor expansion

5. Solar charging management MPPT automatic power point tracking

6. Three-meter carbon steel tower, four-sided horizontal arm fixed flange, optional lightning rod

7. After the limit is exceeded, the alarm can be sent to PC or mobile phone.

8. ABS material protective box, corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidation, waterproof grade IP66

3. Technical parameters

1. Collector power supply interface: GX-12-3P plug, input voltage 5V, with RS232 output Json data format, collector power supply: DC5V±0.5V peak current 1A,

2. Sensor modbus, 485 interface: GX-12-4P plug, output power supply voltage 12V/1A, equipment configuration interface: GX-12-4P plug, input voltage 5V

3. Solar powered, equipped with lead-acid battery, optional 30W 20AH/50W 20AH/100W 100AH. Charge controller: 150W, MPPT automatic power point tracking, efficiency increased by 20%

4. Data upload interval: adjustable from 1 minute to 1000 minutes

5.Screen size: 1024*600 RGB LCD

6. Some sensor parameters


Measuring range



wind speed




wind direction

0~360° (16 directions)



air temperature




Air humidity




Atmospheric pressure



±0.02Kpa (relative)





soil temperature




soil moisture




4. Cloud platform

1. CS architecture software platform supports direct observation on mobile phones and PC browsers without the need to install additional software.

2. Support multiple accounts and multiple devices to log in

3. Support real-time data display and historical data display dashboard

4. Cloud servers and cloud data storage are stable and reliable, easy to expand, and load balanced.

5. Support SMS alarm and threshold setting

6. Support map display and view device information.

7. Support data curve analysis

8. Support data export table format

9. Support data forwarding, HJ-212 protocol, TCP forwarding, http protocol, etc.

10.Support data post-processing function

11.Support external running of javascript scripts

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