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Underground water level monitor

Underground water level monitor

update time :2024-06-20


Product Price: Electronic Negotiation

Product brand: Wanxiang Environment

Groundwater level monitors can improve urban hydrological monitoring capabilities by performing real-time monitoring of low-lying pavements, culverts, tunnels, underground passages, underground parking lots, etc. on various urban roads.
product details

[Power supply method]: External power supply 10-30VDC power supply

[Support dual power supply reform]: Support dual power supply of 10-30VDC mains and solar panels (good communication is required, the mains power supply is given priority before leaving the factory, when the mains power is cut off, the solar panels and batteries provide power, and the normal operation of the equipment will not be interrupted)

[Data upload interface]:

①. Upload the water level measurement value and remaining power of the underground water monitoring point in real time through any 4G/RJ45 method.

②. One RS485 slave interface can be connected to an audible and visual alarm and a speaker. Two sets of audible and visual alarms and speakers can be connected at the same time. They are distinguished by address and the baud rate is 9600.

③. One 485 slave interface can be connected to a font card. This can be connected to two two-color LED screen font cards at the same time. They are distinguished by address. The baud rate is 9600. The font card uses a two-color screen font card and the display mode is vertical display.

④. 2 relay outputs, relay capacity: 250VAC/30VDC 3A. By default, both relays are associated with water level limits, and both can be configured to be active or passive, used for alarm or automatic control, and support remote manual control by the server.

[Data collection communication interface]:

① Adopt LORA wireless communication, a low-power LAN wireless standard developed by semtech company. This communication method achieves the unification of low power consumption and long distance. Paired with our company's unique LORA wireless communication protocol, it can simultaneously conduct wireless long-distance communication with 32 underground water monitoring points within the effective communication distance. In terms of communication, it avoids mutual interference between terminal nodes during the signal transmission process. interference, and avoids the problems of short communication transmission distance and insufficient penetration of traditional wireless devices.

②. Two switching interfaces (reserved)

③. Two analog interfaces (reserved)

④. Water immersion detection all the way (reserved)

[Configuration method]: The mobile APP configures the device through Bluetooth wireless link. The parameters include: upload target address, upload target port, upper limit of water level of each channel, parameters of each channel, channel display content, and the status of each measuring point equipment can be viewed in real time. , water level value and battery power, data upload interval, ICCID value.

Audible alarm:

①, RS485 voice broadcast, light alarm

② When the water level does not exceed the set limit, the audible and visual alarms and horns will not work.

③ When the limit is exceeded, the loudspeaker will broadcast, and the alarm content will be consistent with the display content. At the same time, the sound and light alarm works. Once the limit is exceeded, the sound and light alarm and loudspeaker will broadcast three times. After three times, it will be judged whether the limit is exceeded. The interval between each broadcast is fixed at 5 seconds.

④. When the measuring point is offline, the alarm content will be consistent with the display content, and the audible and visual alarm will work at the same time.

[Equipment composition]: The underground water measuring point is composed of a waterproof and anti-corrosion 304 stainless steel shell, a water level detection module (water depth, water status), Bluetooth configuration module, LORA wireless communication module, built-in lithium battery, etc.

[Working Principle]: Based on the liquid-mediated ultrasonic sensor, the time interval from emission to reception of the sound wave is measured, and the distance of sound wave transmission is obtained by combining the compensated sound speed of the sound wave. The current liquid level can be obtained based on the time difference from when the installed measuring point transmits the ultrasonic wave to when it receives the echo from the water surface.

[Power supply method]: Built-in battery power supply (3.6V lithium sub-battery 38000mAH)

[Battery life]: It can work continuously for more than 5 years without water accumulation (upload one message in 5 minutes without water accumulation, upload one message in 1 minute with water accumulation)

[Water level range]: ≤1.5m

[Water level error]: 1cm

[Resolution]: 1mm

[Output signal]: LORA wireless spread spectrum signal

[Shell material]: 304 stainless steel

[Protection level]: IP68

[Installation method]: The underground installation method is adopted, and an installation hole is opened at the road installation equipment. The equipment dimensions are as shown in the figure below. After the hole is opened, place the device vertically into the installation hole, pour filler into it, and secure the device. Note: Make sure the top remains level so as not to affect the measurement.

[Equipment size]: Height 187mm, cavity diameter 60mm, top disk diameter 120mm.

[Communication interface]: Using LORA wireless communication, a low-power LAN wireless standard developed by semtech company, this communication method achieves the unification of low power consumption and long distance. Paired with our company's unique LORA wireless communication protocol, it can communicate with our company's Sekisui Monitoring Station host computer wirelessly over long distances, with a communication line-of-sight up to 800m.

[Configuration method]: The mobile phone APP configures the device through Bluetooth wireless link.

[Comprehensive introduction]: In order to solve the many inconveniences of customers' self-built servers without fixed IP (or domain name), daily maintenance, attack prevention, uninterruptible power supply, etc., our company has specially developed and launched a free environmental monitoring cloud platform service.

The comprehensive environment cloud platform is based on advanced information collection systems, the Internet of Things, cloud platforms, big data and the Internet and other information technologies. Users at all levels access platform data through PC WEB, APP clients, WeChat and other channels to achieve Remote system management capabilities. Users can monitor and manage every important parameter on the project in real time, and at the same time realize platform-based remote manual control.

【interview method】:

Supports PC account and password login, mobile APP client login and WeChat public account access.

[Theme style]:

Supports a variety of skin displays to easily adapt to different groups of customers.

[Home page display]:

①. Support tree structure display and rapid screening of online devices, alarm devices, and offline devices.

②. You can quickly view and modify device information through shortcuts, query real-time, historical, and alarm data, support data curve analysis, and provide data download and analysis functions.

③. Quickly query equipment positioning information and quickly mark equipment coordinate points through the software.

④. Quickly perform operations such as relay remote control and equipment maintenance.

[Large screen visualization]:

Add a large-screen visual list to quickly query the specific real-time information of any device.

[Device added]:

①. Supports simultaneous access of multiple different types of communication interface devices such as RJ45 network port, 4G/GPRS, WiFi, Nb-iot, etc.

②. Built-in multiple data adding templates, which can be quickly added and copied to other devices.

【type of data】:

Supports display of multiple data types such as 16-bit, 32-bit signed, 32-bit unsigned, floating point, remote control data, etc.

【Data output】:

Supports the export of multiple data formats such as PDF and Excel. Users can customize the title of the exported content and the name of the unit used. At the same time, important information such as the time period for data query, query data account number, data saving interval, and offline judgment interval can be exported.

[Data sorting]:

①. Supports multi-row data display, and multiple factors can be sorted and queried according to node order, factor order, and time order;

②. Supports multi-column data display, with multiple factors arranged horizontally in chronological order;

③. Two different methods can be freely selected to adapt to different customer requirements.

[Alarm method]:

①. The platform supports multiple alarm methods such as SMS, ringing, WeChat, email, alarm pop-up windows, audio alarms, offline alarms, etc. The alarm content can be customized.

②. Supports the upper and lower alarm limits and upper and lower limit settings of early warning for all monitoring factors. Supports font color change when factor data is abnormal. Users can customize the color of factor alarm data.

③. If data anomalies occur, alarm information can be sent to different managers across different levels based on the alarm duration.

④. There is a special alarm contact management list for SMS, ring, WeChat, and email alarm methods to facilitate quick query, addition, and deletion when alarm contacts change.

【Video Surveillance】:

By setting up video monitoring equipment in designated areas, real-time on-site conditions can be realized through the platform, including real-time video viewing and playback functions, and PTZ control functions.

【remote control】:

Supports remote manual control of field device relays on the computer and APP, and the relay name can be customized and edited. Customers can edit whether the corresponding relay control function is enabled.

【authority management】:

According to the actual needs of the project, sub-accounts are added and different management permissions are assigned to ensure a clear division of labor in project management. Users can define different user roles and assign different permissions to the roles.

[Traffic card early warning function]

Obtain the card number of the on-site 4G IoT device in real time, automatically analyze the remaining traffic of the card number, automatically analyze, and provide an early warning reminder of the expiration time, allowing project managers to recharge in time to prevent the expiration of the traffic card and the cancellation of the account by the operator, causing project stagnation.

[Secondary development]:

Provide an API interface based on this platform to facilitate real-time retrieval of data by third-party platforms.

[Thousands of people and thousands of faces]:

For users with small-scale applications, the cloud platform provides a configurable "thousands of users, thousands of faces" interface and private domain name resolution services. Customers only need to invest dozens of yuan to purchase a domain name, and after successful registration, they can have their own private login link. And the login interface platform name can be changed according to user requirements.

【APP client】:.

For the convenience of customers, our company has launched the cloud platform mobile APP "Yunkongtong". The login account is the same as the computer version. Please use QQ to directly scan the code to download and install.

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