Small meteorological station
Small meteorological station

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Handheld weather instrument

Handheld weather instrument

update time :2024-05-24


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The handheld meteorological instrument is a kind of portable meteorological observation instrument, which can simultaneously monitor the five meteorological elements of wind direction, wind speed, air pressure, temperature and humidity.
product details

Handheld meteorological instrument, also known as handheld weather monitor, handheld weather station, is a portable meteorological observation instrument that is easy to carry, simple to operate, and integrates multiple meteorological elements. It can simultaneously monitor wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, Accurately measure the five meteorological elements of temperature and humidity.

1. Product introduction

A handheld weather station, also known as a handheld weather instrument, is a portable weather observation instrument that is easy to carry, simple to operate, and integrates multiple meteorological elements. The system uses precision sensors and smart chips to accurately measure five meteorological elements including wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity at the same time. The built-in large-capacity FLASH memory chip can store at least one year of meteorological data; the universal USB communication interface can be connected to a U disk to export data, making it convenient for users to further process and analyze meteorological data.

This instrument can be widely used in meteorology, environmental protection, airports, agriculture and forestry, hydrology, military, warehousing, scientific research and other fields.

2. Functional features

●2.1-inch screen LCD displays temperature, humidity, wind speed, and air pressure values;

●Special wind direction dial (16 directions) and pointer are used to indicate real-time wind direction;

●Large-capacity data storage, which can store up to 40,000 pieces of meteorological data (the data recording interval can be set between 1 and 60 minutes);

●Universal USB communication interface, convenient for USB data downloading;

●Only three AA dry batteries are needed for power supply; low power consumption design, long-term standby;

●Scientific and reasonable structural design, easy to carry.

3. Technical parameters

4. Precautions for use

1. It is recommended to clear the data storage every time you need to record the time when you turn on the computer to prevent the large amount of data when exporting the currently required data, which will cause the time to be too long.

2. It is recommended to export the data content in the weather station in time after use.

3. Please read this manual carefully before use and ensure that the sensor is inserted into the corresponding sensor interface and the battery direction is correct;

4. When the instrument shows that the battery power is low, please replace the battery in time to prevent battery leakage and damage to the instrument;

5. Prevent chemical reagents, oil, dust, etc. from directly damaging the sensor. Do not use it for a long time in condensation or extreme temperature environments. Do not subject it to cold or thermal shock;

6. The instrument is a precision device. Users should not disassemble it by themselves when using it to avoid damaging the product;

7. Please keep the calibration certificate and certificate of conformity and return them with the product during maintenance.





Measurement elements

Measuring range




wind speed



0. 0 1


wind direction

16 directions

±1 bearing

1 direction


atmospheric temperature


± 0.3 _

0. 0 1

Relative humidity



0. 0 1


Atmospheric pressure


±0.02 (relative)

0. 0 1

KPa _

power supply

AA dry cell battery (4 pieces)




40,000 pieces of data

Host size


Overall size



About 0.5Kg

working environment

-20℃~80 ℃ ; 5 % RH ~95 % RH

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