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4-channel 16-hole African swine fever detector

4-channel 16-hole African swine fever detector

update time :2024-04-19


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The 4-channel 16 well African swine fever detector can quantitatively and quickly diagnose animal diseases such as African swine fever, avian influenza, swine fever, pig blue ear, pseudorabies, and other diseases. It is widely used in farms, slaughterhouses, and inspection and quarantine units.
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The 4-channel 16-hole African swine fever detectorcan be used in farms, breeding plants, and livestock harmless processing centers. It can simultaneously distinguish p72 wild virus infection and CD2V, MGF360 gene fragment deleted strain infection.

  The fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument is an instrument for real-time detection of reactions. It mainly consists of a gene amplification thermal cycle component, a micro-fluorescence detection optical system, a microcircuit control system, a computer and application software.


  1. Small size and light weight

  Overall machine dimensions: Width*Depth*Height: 235×385×175mm, total weight only 5.6kg

  2. Heating and cooling rate

  Using Marlow's dedicated high-power semiconductor refrigeration chip for PCR, it provides the module with a higher heating and cooling rate while ensuring a lifespan of 100,000 cycles.

  3. Temperature control accuracy

  Adopting a new temperature control algorithm to provide higher control precision and accuracy for module temperature control

  4. Temperature uniformity

  The newly designed heating body simulates the heat distribution of the heating body structure and provides better temperature uniformity for the module.

  5. High excitation efficiency

  CREE's high-brightness, long-life LED is used as the excitation light source, and low-loss glass optical fiber is used as the transmission medium to provide higher excitation light energy for the reagents.

  6. High sensitivity

  Osram's high-sensitivity, high-signal-to-noise ratio photodiodes are used to collect weak radiation fluorescence signals, providing higher sensitivity for fluorescence detection.

  7. Flexible excitation and collection bands

  Four-color fluorescence is standard. The fluorescence band can be selected according to customer needs. The spectral band is more flexible and can better match the fluorescent dyes and probes of various manufacturers.

  Technical indicators:

Dimensions23.5cm x 38.5cm x 17.5cm
net weight5.6kg
Electrical parametersAdapter:110-240V-, 50/60Hz; 255W MAX
Data interfaceUSB 2.0x2(front)
Environmental parameters
Operating conditionsTemperature: 10~30℃ (50~86℉), Humidity: 20%~80%
Shipping and storage conditionsTemperature: -25~55℃ (-4~131℉), Humidity: 20%~80%
Altitude<2500 meters (8202 feet t)
Noise levelA-weighted, <60dB @ 1.0m
Sample parameters
sample size16 x 0.2mL
Test tube typeSingle tube, eight joint tubes
sample volume15~100uL
Temperature characteristics
Heating/cooling methodSemiconductor heating/cooling
temperature range4~100°C
Maximum heating rate6°C/s
average heating rate4°C/s
Maximum cooling rate5°C/s
average cooling rate3.5°C/s
Temperature control accuracy±0.1℃
Temperature control accuracy±0.1℃
temperature uniformity±0.2℃
Optical properties
Number of channels4 channels
Light emitting device4-color high-brightness LED
lighting devicesHigh sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio photodiode
Adapter probe or dye1: FAM, SYBRGreea Fluo-4, FITC, LC Green, Alexa Fluor 488, Oregon Green 488, NBD, EGFP
2: HEX, JOE, VIC, Alexa Fluor 532
3: ROX, Cy3.5, Texas Red, Alexa Fluor 594
4: Cy5, Atto 633, Alexa Fluor 633, LC Red 640
Detection and analysis
Detection sensitivitysingle copy
linear range1~1010 copies
linear correlation coefficient>0.999
Channel crosstalkNo crosstalk
Test repeatability^1.0%


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