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The portable rotary slurry current meter is specially developed for measuring velocity and flow in open channel

time :2024-07-11 Article Source:automatic weather station author :Small meteorological station

In the fields of hydraulic engineering, environmental monitoring and agricultural irrigation, the accurate measurement of open channel flow rate is always a crucial work. However, the traditional measurement methods often have some problems, such as cumbersome operation, low precision and easy to be affected by the environment. Today, a portable rotary pulp current meter specially developed for open channel flow rate measurement has become the new darling of black technology in the market with its efficient, convenient and accurate characteristics.

The LS300-B portable rotary flow meter uses advanced rotary flow sensing technology to sense the flow speed through the rotating blade and then calculate the flow rate. This design not only makes the measurement more accurate, but also greatly simplifies the operation process. Users simply place the instrument in the water and gently press the start key to quickly obtain flow rate data.

At the same time, the portable rotary current meter also has strong environmental adaptability. It can be stably measured under different water quality, different flow rate and different temperature conditions, without interference from external factors. This enables it to perform well in various open channel environments such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

In addition to being efficient, convenient, accurate and stable, the portable whirling current meter has a wide range of applications. It can not only be used for river flow monitoring in hydraulic engineering, but also for water quality assessment in environmental monitoring and water quantity control in agricultural irrigation. Whether it is a professional surveyor or an ordinary user, it is easy to get started and achieve fast and accurate flow rate measurement.


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