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The 10-layer soil moisture monitor brings reliable soil moisture data

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The 10-layer soil moisture monitor brings reliable soil moisture data. Soil moisture monitoring is also very important in agricultural production, it can directly measure the moisture and temperature in the soil. The relevant soil parameters at different depths can be measured simultaneously and uploaded to the cloud platform through the 4G network. It is widely used in drought monitoring, soil research, intelligent irrigation and agricultural yield prediction. Here we introduce one of our products.

WX-GSSQ10 10-layer soil moisture monitor is a device that can be placed in the field and the land for continuous moisture measurement for a long time, which can monitor the temperature and humidity of the 10-layer soil in real time, and can quickly and accurately reflect the soil moisture status, helping users to carry out irrigation or drainage operations in time. Set soil temperature and humidity collection, storage, transmission and management in one, solar panels for power supply, can communicate 2000 meters, sensor monitoring layers support customization.

When the 10-layer soil moisture monitor detects changes in moisture index values such as moisture and ambient temperature, it can integrate the needs of crops in time and formulate a series of targeted soil management strategies to bring trusted soil moisture data for the innovative management of agricultural water sources and improve the detection level of soil moisture.


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