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The standard buoy six parameter monitoring station protects the river environment

time :2024-07-11 Article Source:automatic weather station author :Small meteorological station

In the vast expanse of the ocean, every small change can trigger profound ecological effects. In order to better protect this blue home, the standard buoy six-parameter monitoring station came into being and has become a new favorite in the field of Marine environmental monitoring. This monitoring station has won the favor of the majority of users with its efficient, accurate and comprehensive characteristics.

WX-SFA06 standard buoy six-parameter monitoring station can simultaneously monitor six key parameters, including water temperature, conductivity, PH, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, turbidity, etc., while expanding COD, chlorophyll, suspended matter and other water quality elements, these parameters are important indicators to assess the health of the Marine environment. It is of great significance to prevent Marine pollution and protect Marine ecology.

The station uses advanced sensor technology and data processing system to collect, transmit and analyze data in real time. Through wireless communication technology, the monitoring station can transmit the data to the data center in real time, which is convenient for users to view and analyze at any time. At the same time, the data processing system can also conduct in-depth mining and model analysis of the data to provide users with more accurate Marine environment information.

In addition to efficient data processing capabilities, the standard buoy six-parameter monitoring station also has extremely high stability. Its structural design is reasonable, strong ability to withstand wind and waves, and can adapt to various complex Marine environments. At the same time, the monitoring station also has automatic cleaning and maintenance functions, which can reduce manual intervention and reduce maintenance costs.


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