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Drug smoke indicator light -- the bright star of agricultural science and technology

time :2024-07-11 Article Source:automatic weather station author :Small meteorological station

The competition between crops and various pests not only tests the wisdom of farmers, but also gives birth to a series of agricultural scientific and technological innovations. Among them, with its unique advantages, the drug smoke indicator lamp has become a new tool to protect the health of crops, lighting the development of agricultural science and technology.

WX-YCQ is a kind of intelligent equipment which integrates the trapping, monitoring and early warning of pests. It takes advantage of the phototaxis of pests, attracts them through a specific light source, and destroys them with a built-in fumigation device. At the same time, the device also has data monitoring and transmission functions, which can record the type and quantity of pests in real time, and feed the data back to farmers or agricultural management departments through the cloud platform, providing a scientific basis for pest early warning and control.

The bright spot of the drug smoke detector lamp lies in its high efficiency. Compared with the traditional chemical control methods, the use of physical trapping and fumigation, not only to avoid chemical pesticides to the environment and human harm, but also to accurately eliminate pests, reduce the damage to crops. In addition, the equipment can also perform intelligent regulation according to the activity law of pests to improve the control effect.

The light also has the characteristics of intelligence and convenience. Through the data analysis of the cloud platform, farmers can understand the pest situation in the field in real time and adjust the control strategy in time. At the same time, the equipment also supports remote control and monitoring, so that farmers can grasp the situation of farmland anytime and anywhere, to achieve accurate management.


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